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7.4v 2600mah Intelligent Temperature Control Battery 

Special lithium battery for heating products :

4 kinds Adjustable temperature
Power display
Special DC output port
Low battery beep alarm
Hard shell, high temperature, wear-resistant
Long life time
one year Warranty,

Charging display:
Charging: LED lights twinkling in a sequential manner until 4 LED lit.
Charging Finish: 4 LED lit.
Power display: without load, pressing button, LED shows capacity
Output display: with load, pressing button, LED shows output gear

Capacity indication (Without load):

Output control(With load):

Improper use may cause the battery to leak or explode, please note the following when using the battery:

1. Before replacing the battery, please turn off power, if you are using the AC power adapter, make sure it is took out.
2. Please use the right charger to charging.
3. Do not short circuit and dismounting the battery. Do not attempt to remove the battery cells or break insulation / shell.
4. Keep away from water,fire and heat.
6. Please keep the cells in battery case. Do not keep batteries with metal objects such as necklaces, hairpins, coins, etc.
7. Once the battery is abnormal (such as discoloration or deformation), please stop using it immediately.
8. If liquid from damaged batteries contact to clothing or skin, please washing immediately.

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